Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Else Gets These Scam EMails

I relize this must work on someone or they wouldnt keep send them thru.I get these in my inbox all the time even with filters on

From: Mrs Mariam Abacha
Kano. Northern Nigeria.

Dear Sir,


Our letter to (Invest our funds with you) was submitted to you some time ago
(December 2008 and early MARCH 2009 respectively). Since i have not heard from
you, i wanted to be sure that it was brought to your attention. i am resending a
copy of my original message for your review. I will be looking forward to your
reply and hope that i will have the opportunity to do business with you in the
near future. Please read below the copy of our original message sent to you in


This letter might surprise you because i have not met in person, but I believe
that you have received my correspondence, also believing that it is just a day
that one gets to know somebody either in person or through correspondence. I
searched out your contact today through the internet and decided to write this
letter to you. My aims of writing this letter is for you to assist my family in
saving our funds in your country pending our arrival in your country to invest
in business.

I am Mrs Mariam and my son is Mohammed Abacha, the family of the late Gen.
Sanni Abacha former Nigerian Military Head of State who died mysteriously as a
result of Cardiac Arrest. Since the death of my husband my family has been under
restriction of movement. The civilian government of Mr. Obasanjo made things
difficult for my family. The discovery of my husband's Bank Account by the
Nigerian Government with Swiss Bank in which more of our family funds was
lodged did not help matters.

Then the government of Mr. Obasanjo insisted that my late husband's funds in
the Swiss bank should be returned back to him. I refused to do it so we went to
court. Although the funds were all deposited right before my late husband became
the Head of State, but the court ruled that the funds should be returned back
to the government. The court also ruled that $20 Million only should be left for
me and my family. It was a terrible moment for my family because Mr. Obasanjo
did not permit me to do business or do investment both in Nigeria and outside
Nigeria. Now, another government has come in and Mr. Obasanjo is out.

The amount of $20 Million which the court said that they should be given to my
family has been released for my family. We then decided to contact you in
confidence so that the funds will be transferred to your country and invested
in your country. I therefore personally appeal to you seriously and religiously
for your assistance to move this (US$20 Million) into your country where we
believe it will be safe. We desperately want to invest
this last fund that remains for my family.

I do not want to repeat the mistake we made earlier by depositing the funds in
our name and investing it in our name. That is the reason we lost almost all
our investments because our name was found on it. This time, all investment
will be done with your name and the funds will be transferred to your name. My
family name will not be found in any of the investments.

However,My family have agreed to reward you with 40% of the total sum while
60% is to be invested on a suitable business investment in your country. We
hereby guarantee you that this is not government money, it is not proceed of any
illegal source, not drug money and it is not from any arms deal. Though you have
to maintain high degree of confidentiality on this matter because we want to be
successful in this business.

I will give you all proof of deposit and existence of money once you assured
me and fully satisfied with your capability and honesty.

I hope this will be the beginning of a prosperous relationship between you and
my family. Nevertheless if you are for any reason not interested, kindly inform
me immediately so that i will look for another person.

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Mariam Abacha (Wife of the deceased)

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