Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make Extra Income Easy.....

Getting Paid to Click...When I first saw this I was not sure..So I started to check them out.
OK Some are bad and not worth the time.I have sorted out thru alot and here is what I have found.
You will not get rich,but a nice extra income.Just be careful.A few sruf sites I joined had a tendency to make my PC slowdown and a few bugs were found...Stop those right away.Not worth it.
I don't like the idea of paying for upgraded membership..It is just not me.
Referals are good and little extra.Do not buy or rent referals,you do not always get your investment back.

So far after weeding thru 35 or so PTC site these are the only ones I have found to really be good.

Clicksvista...You can click and earn 2.00 a day take that times 30 days in a month ot so you get 60.00.Not bad .Pay out is good I have already been paid via Paypal.
Click The Link on Side Bar....
Quids Corner is the sister site to Clicksvista same system so all is good..As it is I make 120.00 plus a month..not bad.

Earn Money Online at QuidsCorner

Both are really worth the time.Every Bit helps in this day..

Deal Barbie Pays also good and offers sign up bonus.PTC and offers all good.She also has contests and such.Totally Legit.Worth thr effort

Deal Barbie Pays Fast..Same as deal Barbie only lower payout..So I trust this site too

Last but not least is Paid The Fastest .I like it and it is also worth the bit of time.Loe payout..Check it out....

I think if you want to make a bit of extra money easy this is a good way to do it.
Happy Clicking,

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