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Feng Shui Solutions

Feng Shui Solutions

Looking for love? Need more money in the bank? How about a promotion? A feng shui-style bedroom may help make it happen. According to this ancient Chinese philosophy, proper room design promotes the flow of positive energy while minimizing the influence of negative energy to improve your love life, finances and career. Even if you’re skeptical about the spiritual powers, incorporating feng shui principles into Western decorating plays up soft simplicity and minimal clutter. Learn how to create a fuss-free feng shui bedroom, and discover your decorating style with our quiz…

What Is Feng Shui?
Feng shui uses the principles of yin and yang to guide the flow of chi, or natural energy. And since we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, it is particularly important to achieve a spatial balance in the bedroom to allow chi energy to flow freely.

The opposing forces of yin and yang are key components to feng shui harmony. Yin represents the passive force, imparting relaxation and comfort. According to Chinese philosophy, too much yin can perpetuate laziness, a lack of motivation, tendency to oversleep and prevent you from reaching your goals.
As the polar opposite of yin, yang drives motivation and propels us toward our goals. It is the force that gets us up and going in the morning. However, an overabundance of yang can cause agitation and make it difficult to relax, recharge and sleep soundly.

Chi, or the natural energy guided by yin and yang, is said to enter a room through the door. But how it circulates and affects you depends on the arrangement of furniture and other objects in the room.

Bring Balance to Your Bedroom
As the most important object in your bedroom, the placement of the bed is top-priority. Feng shui harmony calls for it to be in the command position, with the door of the room clearly visible from the bed. However, your feet should not point directly toward the door – this is known as the death position. Additionally, the bed’s headboard should have a solid wall behind it, which provides a feeling of security and puts you in command of your own space.
It is also important that your bed should be equally accessible from both sides. Placing nightstands on both sides of the bed anchor and frame it, opening up the possibility of romance. A single person with two nightstands invites love into her life, while a couple with two nightstands demonstrates equality and sharing in their relationship.

Ideally, your bed should be visually beautiful, inviting and made from natural materials such as wood. It should also be soft, comfortable and promote restful sleep. Your bedding may be made of any material that is cozy and warm.

D├ęcor Dos and Don’ts
Mirrors should only appear in a feng shui bedroom when you need to redirect energy, for example if it is otherwise impossible to see the door from the bed. To fix this problem, simply hang a mirror on an adjacent wall, so the door’s reflection is visible from the bed.

Never hang a mirror near the foot of your bed. It will reflect back depression, loneliness or other problems in your life. Positioning a mirror behind or beside the bed is a much better option.
Also, carefully choose the pictures you display in your bedroom, particularly over the bed. Pick serene and calm images or ones that have a happy, sentimental meaning to you. Do not allow the influences of chaotic scenes or people in distress to affect your dreams.

Designate an object you love to be your “greeter.” Position it so that it is the first item you see when walking through the door of your feng shui bedroom. It could be a favorite vase, picture or anything else that makes you feel secure. The greeter helps you reconnect with the chi of your bedroom.

Achieve Serenity in Dual-Purpose Rooms
An office is for working, and a bedroom is for sleeping. Ideally, these rooms should be completely separated. But if you live in a small space, separation isn’t always possible. Feng shui philosophy warns against an electronics-filled bedroom because devices such as televisions and computers generate negative energy that can interfere with the flow of chi.
If your bedroom doubles as a home office, place your electronics behind a screen or curtain to shield you from bad energy while you sleep. Turn off the TV and the computer when you go to bed, and make sure both devices are as far away from your bed as possible.

Color and Air Flow
The ideal feng shui color scheme is based on skin tones from a very pale white to a rich chocolate brown. To create a restful atmosphere, use these warm tones as the main color palette in your bedroom. Earth tones, such as tranquil shades of blue and green, are also good chi choices. Bring harmony and balance to the bedroom by adding decorative touches, such as throw pillows and sheets in coordinating colors.

To maintain an oxygen-rich airflow, open the windows for a little while every day. Ideally, you should sleep with them open at night. Or at the very least, use an ionizer or purifier to combat stale air, which can block chi as well as cause respiratory disorders.
Rules for Doors and Windows
A converted bedroom or one with an awkward layout can be a feng shui challenge. Wide doors and windows that are often centrally located in these types of rooms can make it difficult to arrange bedroom furniture, let alone abide by the rules of feng shui design. However, it is important to avoid blocking doors, which serve as the gateway for incoming chi.

If there are multiple entries into your bedroom, make sure all of them can open to at least 90 degrees. Do not block windows with heavy furniture – although curtains are acceptable.

Always sleep with your bedroom doors fully closed, including the one to an attached bathroom. This practice allows the chi energy to flow efficiently through your sleeping space.
Invite Romance
To strengthen an existing romantic relationship or invite in a new one, place images of love in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Rose quartz is strongly associated with romance and can lend energy to your love life. If you want to strengthen an existing relationship, add a photo of you and your partner to your bedroom.

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