Thursday, September 3, 2009

How To Shop For Freebies

1) Make an extra email address'

Make an extra email address, through a place such as Hotmail, or Gmail. This will keep you from getting any spam in your normal email account.
2) Be very careful using other free sites'

Be very careful when looking for free stuff on other so called "free sites". There's not many real sites that only posts 100% real freebies. Most will require participation which usually includes purchasing something or ask for shipping costs. Neither of those constitutes free.

Remember, we don't give the free samples a way, we only post the freebies we find on the net. So to up your chances of the free stuff turning up in the mail, try to apply for the offers from the larger companies mainly (example: Wal-Mart). We receive a lot of emails from shop4freebies visitors telling us they can't believe the a mount of free stuff they have received in the mail, but of coarse not all will turn up.
4) Please be patient'

Most offers do stat comments like this: "Your free sample is on it's way, will arrive in approximately 8 - 12 weeks" so please be patient because most free samples take a while to come.
5) Looking to get some free stuff on your own?'

Looking to get some free stuff on your own? Email or call the company your interested in. Most companies will give you something for free.
6) Most importantly have fun!'

Most importantly have fun, there is a lot of great freebies out there & we try to make it easy for you by posting only 100% real free stuff daily on our home page "Today's Free List!".

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