Saturday, August 15, 2009

Affiliate Sales Increasing Tips

The question "How can I increase affiliate sales?" should be the one thing that you ask yourself on a recurring basis if you hope to be a long-term success in Internet marketing (IM). The reason you should be asking yourself that, even if you already consider yourself a success at IM, its that stagnation and resting on laurels that has doomed many IM people to over the years. So don't fall into that trap.

Much of this sort of marketing shares some common precepts with traditional types of real-world marketing. Always do what's called a "PDCA" (Plan, Do, Check, Act). This means you should be planning constantly, when it comes to your affiliate marketing and sales goals. Are you planning a new marketing campaign? How about planning for a new website theme or design? Customers quickly tire of the same website theme or tired old products.

Next, are you carrying out your plan (the "Do")? Have you taken your email list of customers and website subscribers, for instance, and made plans for sending them a new salesletter, touting the benefits of a new product you're selling, or one of your own affiliates is selling? Do you send these people newsletters that are content-rich and enticing to them?

After that, are you gauging the results of these campaigns and mail-outs? What's your "conversion rate?" This means how many people, once they come to your site, are clicking through your landing page and actually buying whatever it is you're selling. If the rate is minuscule, or they're not even bothering to go past your landing page, then you need to revisit your marketing campaign. This is all involved in checking, by the way.

Lastly, are you acting on all your research and either strengthening what you've found to be successful, or reconfiguring what you've found to be failing? This is acting upon what you've checked up on. No marketer worth his or her salt fails to do these things. In addition, when you do, in fact, make PDCA a part of "growing your garden" (your customer base), you'll find great things will eventually happen.

Remember, increasing affiliate sales involves having a good website, for starters. It should be visually interesting and filled with useful information that's easy to find. It also needs to have an effective landing page that entices visitors to head over to view the products you're selling. It should have a mechanism for collecting emails, also.

It's from these addresses that you'll build lists for targeting marketing campaigns, too. Just remember to give these people a free gift of software or an eBook, or something (you can get them for free, generally). Put all of these activities together and wrap them up in a nice, bright red PDCA bow, and you should have at least a solid foundation for increasing affiliate sales.

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