Monday, August 10, 2009

Updated List Of Freebies & Samples &What To Do W/Them

What To Do With Samples And Freebies

1.Make First Aid Kits
2.Make Travel kits for all
3.Leave Snacks in car for Kiddies
4.Great for Ladies Personal Items
5.Diapers on The Go and Other Items
6.Gift baskets(really no one minds you still have to buy a basket)
7.Emergancy Powdered Drink Mixes to go With Bottled Water
8.Any Free Paper Products Is A Must and You Save Money
9.Parfum Samples For Your Purse
10.Just Nice Way To Stock on Thing
11.Try Before You Buy It No Wasting Money
12.Pet Freebies I Need Say No More On That One

Feel Free To Add Your Ideas

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