Thursday, August 20, 2009

How To Create A Unique Content For Blog?

When managing a blog, one thing to remember is that fresh, unique content written by you is always going to be king. However, there may be times when you may get writers block, where you basically just run out of topics to write about. If you ever find yourself in this situation here are a few things you can do.

1.) Post a Previously Posted Article.
This is not the best strategy but it can get you out of a bind when you know an article is due on your blog, and you don't have one to post. Although it is not the best strategy, you can increase its effectiveness by choosing an article that returned positive feedback or an article that was popular among readers.

2.) Borrow an Article.
There are websites on the internet that are referred to as article submission sites. These websites are dedicated to copywriters, authors, journalists, columnists and anybody else who writes and is looking to get exposure. These websites allow article submissions that can be used as content on other websites or blogs. Typically the only stipulations are that you give credit where credit is due by notating the author of the article and any other reference material the author has included in article source information.

3.) Hire a Writer or a Slew of Them.
This may not be within your budget at first, but hiring a writer to help create fresh content will free up your time to concentrate on other marketing efforts. If you have a teenager, this a great job to give them. You can also allow guest article submissions. You may get requests from avid readers or industry enthusiasts to place their articles on your blog. This is a good strategy because it portrays to your readers that you are willing to allow others to help you communicate your idea, and posting articles by other writers gives a fresh perspective on the topic your blog is focused on.

4.) Create a Cache or Reserve of Articles.
Every writer gets writers block, but there will also be times when your ideas are flowing like Niagara Falls. When you find yourself being able to write, it is a good idea to write as many articles as you can, and stash them away for future use. This is a very common strategy many writers use, from song writers, to stand up comedians. Anybody who writes for a living knows the ideas are not always there so when they are, take advantage.

5.) Post Photos and Videos
Posting articles on blogs is the normal and most popular form of sharing information in blogs. However, photos and videos can be very affective as well and they tend to add a different energy and zest to your blog. If you post audio clips, videos and images on your blog, your readers will enjoy the varied forms of media that they can access from your blog, and you will expand your appeal. You can also use other peoples clips on your blog by embedding video from other sources such as Adding articles should be fairly strait forward but adding photos and videos can be a little more involved so I will post additional information on adding images and creative your own unique videos in future posts.

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