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Chakra Meditations

Chakra Meditations

If you are unfamiliar with the Chakra Energy System, meditation is a great way to understand its power. According to ancient Hindu teachings, chakras (translated from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk) are “spinning wheels of light” located in seven different places within the human body. Conceiving of the human body as a series of energy-conducive "chakras" is a helpful device for achieving inner peace and finding happiness.

The following meditating techniques may be used in its entirety for chakra alignment, or broken up for individual concentration. To begin, find your comfortable place and slowly close your eyes. You need to go deeper to address your body from toes up to your crown, relaxing each body part along the way. Take a few moments to go inward.

Root (red) – This area centers on digestion as well as reproductive well-being. Visualize a glowing red pool of light emanating from your midsection. Expand it and breathe into it. Experience any blockages and gently tell yourself that your energy flows freely through your midsection. Concentrate on changing the brightness and texture of this red light. State that you are safe and healthy in the root of your being.

Spleen (orange) – The area just above the root chakra is the seat of creativity and addresses the bladder, kidneys and adrenal glands. From the glowing, red pool of the root chakra, see the light expand slightly up your body and change to brilliant orange. Breathe into it. Change the intensity of the light with each breath. Look down through it and see where the orange light meets the red. Address your feelings and tell yourself that you are a glorious, creative being.
Solar Plexus (yellow) – Located approximately two fingers below the center of the rib cage and above the naval, this addresses your body’s use of food, liver health and the pancreas. See the orange pool of light expand upward to fill this next chakra with bright, yellow light. This is about how you relate to the world and others in it. Take a moment to review any challenges with your job or other people. Release them through this light and out through the top of your head into the universe. Say to yourself that you deserve to trust and have trust in your life. Look down through the yellow into the orange and the red. Visualize each colored light in perfect alignment.

Heart (green) – Located directly behind the heart on the spine, this addresses the heart, the thymus gland and immune system. This is the seat of emotion, healing and soul connection. Breathe and visualize the yellow light expanding upward and filling the heart area with soothing, vibrant green light. Pulse this light with your heartbeat. You are loved and you are alive. Expand the green out from your body and bring it back into alignment. Just feel and breathe for a moment.

Throat (blue) – Mid-way up the neck, this point addresses the larynx, thyroid and hearing functions. This is the seat of self-expression and intellect. Breathe into this area and visualize it filling up with brilliant blue light. You may wish to emit a sound or sigh as you experience the flow of this blue light. This is a good time to inventory any fears you may have and release them with burst of laughter. Breathe and look down through the blue to the green to the yellow to the orange to the red and visualize them in perfect alignment.
Third Eye (indigo) – On the forehead between the brows is the eye of wisdom and seat of Divine Intelligence. Addressing mental activity, optic nerves and the pituitary gland, this is where your consciousness and unconsciousness converge. See this indigo pool of light shoot a beam out into the universe to connect with the Divine. All is well here. This is your opportunity to recharge. Say to yourself that this is your time to quiet your mind for learning and divine guidance. Listen for any intuitive messages that may come to you. Bring your beam back into your eye and focus it upward to the top of your head.

Crown (violet) – Visualize a great sky of golden light. Shoot a violet beam through the top of your head to connect to this sky of golden light. Visualize perfect alignment from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet, all connected in a glowing, vertical string to the sky of golden light. Feel the joy and peace. Let it pulse through your chakras giving new life to each color. State to yourself that you are connected with all that is and that you are healthy, safe, abundant, creative, loved, respected and cherished. Stay in this moment as long as you like. When you are ready, slowly come back into the room.

Utilize chakra meditating techniques like these during times of stress or unbalance.

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