Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Start And Make Money With Your Own ezines Or Newsletter

ezine or newsletter is the online business that you can fully automate and make money on autopilot. There are many online buinesses but publishing your own ezine or newsletter is one of the best profitable online business.Publishing your own ezine or newsletter involves only three steps!i.e.create contents on your selected topic,basic set up i.e website and autoresponder etc. and promtion

Here, step by step I explain you how you can set up your own profitable newsletter and how you can make money over again & again with it.

First, Choose the topic for your ezine or newsletter. The topic can be anything like tips for affiliate marketing etc.or any ‘how to” Information. You can start ezine about anything. Start ezine or newsletter about what you know.Here is 3 basic steps to start your own newsletter and make money with newsletter.

1) Write 5 to 6 articles based on the subject. 2) Create squeeze page 3) Plug in your content in autoresponder that’s all !! yes the starting ezine or newsletter as easy as you read these lines.

You can make money with your own ezine in many ways. But the primary purpose of any ezine or newsletter is to build list.List is an asset for any internet business owner. and havingbig list gives you advantages over to your competetors.

Now, How to build your list with your own ezine? and how to make money with your ezine? Once you set up your web site and plug in your prewriiten contents in autoresponder all you need is to PROMOTE your ezine.Yes many people forget this crutial step.

People assume that ezines publishing is autopilot business, at some extent it is true but no matter what type of business you run ; to become successful and to make money you must promote it carefully and continuously.

Once you setup your website and autoresponder with your prewritten contents, autoresponders do send all your articles tips etc to your subscribers automatically. But you need to build your subscriber base by promoting your ezine. After basic set up you need to do only thing and that is promotion. Promote it,Build list and make money again and again.

With your ezines you can make money by promoting related products or services by placing your affiliate links , you can sell advertising space in your ezine and most imporatantly you can participite in joint veture offers.

Say if you are building list with your ezine and after some months or say after one year you have list of over 10000 subscribers.Now, say you are participating in joint venture or promoting new product.You inform your subscriber with a single email about the new product you are promoting and only 1% (i.e 100 people) of people purchase the product or service you are promoting, you will make 100 X $20 = $ 2000 with a single email!!

Generally, the conversion rates are higher with your own list.It can be anywhere 3 % to 6 % If you don’t want to write contents for your ezine you can use articles from article directories as long as you don’t change the autors resource can also offer report or ebook to people to make them your subscriber.

That is the power of having your own list. And to build list nothing is better than starting your own ezine. Don’t expect result fast.Make the content carefully for your newsletter and promote it for long term benefits.

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