Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make Money Online

Flipping sites is something you can do if you are looking for how to make money online. These sites can be either blogs or websites. There is always a buyer of these sites for two reasons, some people don’t want to waste their time designing a site and some people admire how the site you want to flip looks like.

If you want to flip a site, it is good to pick a niche. Buyers don’t want general site because it is takes more time to make money from them. Buyers want a site that is dedicated to a niche. After you have picked a niche, get your articles to be written. You can either write the article yourself or if you have money to spend, you can get a freelancer to write the article. Then get a designer to create a header for you. This would make your site to be unique or stand out from other sites in its niche. You can buy a custom theme for the site, but it is not really necessary. Upload the header, and publish the articles. Look for pictures to put in the post to make the site to look professional. You can get pictures by searching online or buying from websites that sell pictures. You can get the writer and designer from any freelancer website or in forums where people are looking for work.

After doing all that, your blog is ready to be sold at an auction site normally on forums. If you want to increase the value of your site, try to make the site to make some money. This would how any potential buyer that the site is profitable. Since the site is new, it would not be that easy to rank high on search engine (you might luck to be ranked on first page if it is a micro niche site). The best way to make money from the site is by writing an ebook and selling it. With a picture of the ebook sale transactions, this would increase the value of your site. This would show the potential buyer that he just have to market the ebook to make money from the ebook.

If you list your site for sale and it doesn’t sell the first time, SEO the site so that it can get good search engine ranking. After 1 month or more, reenlist the site for sale. Do not forget to include the traffic stats of the site.

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